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Written By: Melissa C.

According to The Sacred Science, 90% of the chronic health illness challenges we face in Western world today are not helped with modern medicine.  Western medicine is focused on managing disease symptoms, not preventing or curing the cause of the disease itself.  We cannot successfully treat this epidemic by managing disease symptoms.  It is estimated that 80% of the money spent in the western world on pharmaceuticals is to treat some form of chronic illness.  It is further estimated that 3 out of 4 of these individuals will die from an illness that could have been prevented.  This focus on symptom management is contrary to medicine’s goal of preventing disease and prolonging life.  So, how did we get into this situation?

Historically, modern medicine was known as “heroic medicine.”  This initially started as methods of “quackery” such as bloodletting, sweating, blistering, purging, and the application of leeches, as medical conditions were poorly understood.  Instead of medical emergencies, there were medical catastrophes.  These practices evolved into scientific approaches, leading to the modern medicine arena we have today.   X-rays, MRIs, and sophisticated laboratory tests evolved to replace the misguided treatments of the past.  Surgical advances and new drug treatments put doctors in the category of heroes, and “miracles” became the norm.  Unfortunately, prevention and maintenance of good health is not as exciting or lucrative as “saving lives.”  While emergency medicine is definitely still needed and warranted, it is misplaced when looking to treat/cure/ manage chronic diseases. 

Many experts deem stress as the epidemic of the 21st century.  Modern medication management of stress-associated conditions such as benzodiazepines, antidepressants, and others has a large treatment failure rate and problems with side effects.  They fail to treat the underlying root cause of these problems as well.  The body’s stress response can be a good thing if you need to get out of a dangerous situation.  Most of us are not in this type of situation anymore, but the human body has not adapted to these changes in our lifestyle.  The body’s stress response is not good for common, everyday stress such as worrying about bills, money, etc.  Constant stress and anxiety keeps our nervous system constantly engaged, like a smoldering fire.  This is not supposed to be a constant state of being. 

So, how do we put out this fire?  The western world has a history of belittling Eastern medicine and alternative treatments.  This mindset is proving difficult to overcome, although thousands of scientific articles back the efficacy of these treatments (using diet, exercise, and other treatment methods such as meditation, herbal supplements, yoga, acupuncture, plus many others). We need to look at the very things we are notorious for belittling- the “woo-woo” treatments of acupuncture, meditation, herbs, diet changes, yoga, etc.  We need to learn to combat and turn off our nervous system’s response.  This will allow our body to relax, restore, and return to normal.  According to The Sacred Science, the five most necessary components to help us reach this goal include yoga (not just the exercise, it is a lifestyle system), herbs/fungisupplementsmindfulness practicesQigong & Tai Chi, and emotional freedom techniques (EFT).   So, come on guys- take a deep breath, kick your shoes off, and let’s get to tappin’!

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