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Man is Opens First Black-Owned Cannabis School in the U.S.

This man noticed that America’s emerging weed industry was being dominated by rich, white men — so he’s opening up the first Black-owned cannabis school to help create change.

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Natural Stars in the Natural State: Featuring Bulldozer Health, Inc.

Wendy Love Edge from Bulldozer Health

Her story continues with a tale of cannabis discovery and alternative care successes, beginning her path into cannabis medication and alternative healthcare advocacy.

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The Wendy Love Edge Show with Topher Kogen: Season 3, Episode 1

In this episode we begin with a cold open which you will see in the video version as a parody of That Girl. This podcast opens with the beginning of that opener.

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Natural Stars in the Natural State: Featuring Hippie Hounds Treats

One Arkansan, Andrea Harris, has personally experienced the benefits of CBD use with dogs. Owner and CEO of Hippy Hounds Treats, Andrea is no stranger to working and handling dogs.

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Feature Activist: Corrina Cannabis

I am an a Cannabis Advocate & Educator, Patient, Fiance, Mother, President of CannaMomsKC (SW MO Chapter), I assist patients with finding a doctor and getting their recommendation, I also assist with state portals for both Arkansas & Missouri.

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