Keep It or Toss It: Cluster Bomb

Keep It or Toss It's review on Cluster Bomb by Osage Creek Cultivation picked up at Nea Full Spectrum

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AMCO’s 1st Experience with the brand packaging from Natural State Medicinal

The Effect of Packaging on the Flower. I believe the effect on the flower and well preserved tricombs are remarkable. I haven't seen this quality from NSM flower from dispensary packed product in some time. Its Amco High Opinion the dense but soft texture is preserved well in the nitrogen packed container.

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FestyPanda’s – Atlantic Kush – Bold Cultivation – Review

This Kush would definitely put you down deep at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean. Starting with a shower of euphoria, that institutes within a minute....

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AMCO’s Review of Osage Creek’s Cluster Bomb from Little Rock House of Cannabis

The effect rates 10 out of 10. This may be my favorite hybrid strain. If you follow the page, you know I favor landrace Indicas or Sativas. I'm extremely impressed with the body effect of this sample. You could probably fool someone into thinking it was a pure Indica ~ Overall AMCO's High Opinion of Cluster Bomb is 8.4. There were no stick, stems or seeds to worry about and the best hybrid effect I've found!

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PTSD Series Part 4: Baseline Anxiety and Depression by CannabisExpertMD

Listen to Dr. Brian Nichol (CannabisExpertMD) discuss baseline Depression and Anxiety and cannabis...

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Jungle Scout

Keep It or Toss It's take on Jungle Scout cultivated by Osage Creek Cultivation picked up at Nea Full Spectrum

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AMCO’s Review of Suite 443 in house grown Purple Punch

This eighth of an ounce is simply beautiful and displayed in a new glass jar with gold and white labels, rating 10 out of 10 for the look. This sample has remarkably thickly dense nugs. The tricombs are obvious to the naked eye covering the army green flower with deep purple splotches throughout the pine comb shaped buds.

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Cannabis with Chris from Ark420: Show 8

Listen To Cannabis With Chris from Ark420 on YouTube!

Listen To Cannabis With Chris from on YouTube! This week we have several guests and a lot of great content! Check it out!

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CannabisExpertMD PTSD Series Part 3

CannabisExpertMD Brian Nichols discusses PTSD & Cannabis

In this segment, Dr. Brian Nichols (CannabisExpertMD) discusses PSTD and cannabis.

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Keep It or Toss It Review of Cookies DOS

Keep It or Toss It's take on Cookies by Delta Cannabis

Revolution Cannabis Cookie Dos grown by Delta Medical Cultivation picked up at Delta Cannabis Co.

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AMCO’s Review of S’mores Sugar from Bold

The effect rates 10 out of 10 for me as well. A grain of rice sized dose in a banger gives me instant muscle pain relief combined with nerve pain reduction and a distracting euphoria. I find in the ooze tank, its a little less sedative and more controllable level of euphoria for day time. A double dose on a sleepless night brought the sandman to visit.

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KATV Interviews Chris from Ark420 as well as others in cannabis industry about Arkansas shortages..

Christopher Miles the founder of and Cofounder of discusses the cannabis shortages in Arkansas. They also interviewed Dragan who is the owner of Green Springs Medical and who was previously a guest on our podcast Cannabis With Chris Link to KATV Article: Arkansas sees medical marijuana shortage, patients in need of medicine Link to KATV FB PAGE: ...

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