Arkansas’ medical marijuana shops rake in $28 million

Arkansas' medical marijuana shops rake in $28 million

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Can California’s Cannabis Industry Survive the Greed?

Former IRS attorney warns of Tsunami of audits

The California Department of Tax and Fee Administration announced a sudden increase on wholesale cannabis taxes, effective Jan. 1, 2020. Beginning in the new year, cannabis retailers will need to pay the state’s 15% excise tax on an 80% markup of wholesale product brought into the store. Currently, retailers pay the excise tax on a 60% markup.

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As medical marijuana in Arkansas grows in popularity, program gets criticism

The frustration is easy to understand when, more than 3 years after voters approved medical marijuana, only 14 of the 32 licensed dispensaries are open.

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Amco Review: Mandarin Cookies

Amco Strain Review: Mandarin Cookies

This sample was harvested on 11/25/19 and tested by Steep Hill at a THC level of 17.8% and CBD of .045%. As a rare 70% sativa dominate this strain is a Canna-Cup winner.

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Marijuana is evolving

The marijuana industry is modernizing. With on-demand delivery from Eaze and the ultimate dabbing machine, the Switch by Dr.Dabber. Even vaporizers like the G Pen Gio and DaVinci IQ are catering to consumers' needs.

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CDC: Millions of drivers operating under the influence of marijuana

Marijuana may be legal in Massachusetts, but it’s illegal to drive while high.

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How To Make A Homemade Bong

How to make a homemade bong in less than a few minutes! Video made in 2019.

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Top 8 Stoner Gadgets from Amazon

In this video I'll be showing you the Top 8 Stoner Gadgets from Amazon (MUST HAVE STONER TOOLS).

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Is smoking Marijuana a Sin? by Pastor Steven Anderson

In this MUST SEE CLIP Pastor Steven Anderson explains how smoking Marijuana is a sin!

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How To Clean Your Vape Tank

Learning how to clean your vape tank is important if you wish to prolong its usage time.

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Review: Mazar x White Rhino

Strain Review: Mazar x White Rhino

Mazar x White Rhino cannabis strain by World of Seeds is an 100% pure Indica.

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Can I get a DUI For driving high On marijuana

Can I get a DUI For driving high On marijuana?

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